About Us

About us

Visheshalu web is an Indian Telugu online news service that provides 24-hour news coverage in the Telugu Language. We cover Two Telugu states Andhra Pradesh and Telangana general news as well as politicals news. National News, International News, Science and Technology updates, Business news updates, Sports updates, Devotional news. We analyze all regular political and entertainment news. We provide Movie reviews in Telugu. We have also had a Visheshalu TV youtube channel and cover all the special content in this media.

Our Vision:

To be broadly recognized for excellence in online news services in Telugu.

Our Mission:

To collaborate with people and organizations in the communities. We serve to bring quality news moreover positive news. Positivity is our main agenda.

We are Different:

Visheshalu Web an emerging Telugu News website is creating a new wave in journalism with an impartial mode of delivering news. We are happy to associate with our advertisers and are all set to give our best to our web partners.